About Us
The seeds of Triage First were planted in 1996 in Asheville, North Carolina. ED Nurse Rebecca McNair had a vision for improving the "point-of-entry" environment and process at her hospital. She persuaded her ED management team to approve the development of a basic triage curriculum using ENA's "Making the Right Decision" as a foundation. Rebecca coordinated a team of fellow ED nurses to complete the project and present it at their hospital. It made such an impact that she decided to refine the presentation for other hospitals. After further research and development, a robust triage and patient satisfaction curriculum was ready to be taken on the road.

Triage First, Inc, was created, and Rebecca enlisted the nurses who had helped with the initial curriculum as faculty members. Since then, thousands of nurses, physicians, ancillary staff, and managers across the United States have participated in Triage First workshops or benefited from our in-house education and onsite consultations.

The Triage First mission has two equally important parts:

  • To help professionals working in emergency departments develop a consistent, compassionate, and healthy approach from which to practice

  • To provide ED professionals with the tools necessary to understand the conceptual and clinical aspects of emergency care

In carrying out this mission, Triage First has not only transformed triage and emergency departments across the country, but it has also strengthened entire medical centers and healthcare systems.

Our knowledge of and focus on the triage aspect of emergency care permits us to offer a full range of triage consulting, training, and implementation services that will have a positive impact on patient care, costs, adherence to hospital policies, vision and mission, and compliance with state and federal mandates.